Name: David Lazaro

From: United State of America

Internship: Global Internship Program in Amideast

I Chose Oman to take up an internship because I found the Middle East to be an attractive region as I studied it’s history in my university. When I found an internship with AIESEC Oman, I jumped at the chance to come here and explore the culture and region and when I got here I expected a hot desert climate with lots of dates and tea!

I am currently interning with AMIDEAST, based at the airport heights, but working in Sohar. I have really enjoyed my work so far with the company as well as their affiliates; the U.S. Embassy and the Ministry of Higher Education

I have learnt how to eat with my hands on the floor!. It has been a learning process for me in Oman; however, the learning curve is steep so I have been improving very quickly.

I have been in many countries but can say the Oman is a leader among them in hospitality. I very much enjoy meeting the people from all over the country and experiencing how excited and glad they are to share their Omani culture with me. Image “with friends from Sohar”

I know that with my students I have opened the doors in their minds to explore new things, ideas and places they didn’t know of before, hopefully they can use this knowledge for travel and the improvement of their adult lives.

Image“In Class”


David Lazaro


Name: Fadiga youssouf

From: Ivory Coast

Internship: Global Internship Program In Price Waterhouse Coopers.

At first Oman wasn’t a target destination for me, it is the internship itself I was interested in, At first, I wasn’t expecting such advanced infrastructure in the country. Where I am from we don’t know Oman part of GCC countries.                                                                                                                                                                                                        We’ve been hearing a lot about Dubai etc…The memories I have on Oman is from a documentary where the picture giving is that, Oman has a huge heritage on sailing and a unique way on constructing sailing boat and the issue was on the sustainability of this traditional knowledge.Image

At sawadi beach with friends.

My little story is that, I was so expecting less that I made sure to on the medical aspect I have all my vaccinations and check up all alright. I was very anxious on the country’s rudiment infrastructure and living standard before arrival. And at the airport we’ve been taken in a bus from the plane to the arrival lounge.  Oman’s airport does not give you a picture of advanced country. But, as soon as I entered in the car and we were driving undertaking the roads. I was Wowww!!!! Just because I have been disillusioned. I am currently pursuing an internship program with PwC and the program is amazing in terms of involvement and also working environment is such unique so far.

And I have a lot to say about Oman when I go back home, because the most obvious thing no one can doubt about that is the UNIQUE hospitality and diversity I have seen so far in Oman. Other things we only LIVE it, and can makes you want to come back again.

Fadiga Youssouf

Amel Al Balushi – China

Name: Amel Al-Balushi

Host Country: China

Internship type: Global Community Development Program (GCDP)

‘Dare to Dream’ is the name of the project I chose.

Once I got accepted I started reading about China but after arriving Guangzhou Airport I understood what I read. It was literally crowded everywhere. I went to Leizhou, the rural area which I thought in as the first part of the project. Although living conditions were not optimum, the people there were really nice & we were most welcome. I went there to teach them but I believe they taught me more than I did. The students there were really eager for knowledge.

Many families invited us for lunch or dinner to thank us which gave me the opportunity to taste homemade Chinese food. I never tried to eat with chopsticks before but I eventually learned how to use it although not perfectly. I had a lot of friends there as well as in Foshan where I did the second part of the project. Foshan is a modern area.

I had the opportunity to go sightseeing there with the friends I met. I a lot of university students participated in the project from China as well as other part of the world such as Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Portugal, Denmark, Russia & Hungary. They enriched the project with their cultures & traditions. I returned home definitely a different person.

Abdullah Al-Ismaili – Brazil

Name: Abdullah Rashid Issa Al-Ismaili

Host Country: São Carlos, Brazil.

Internship type: Global Community Development Project (GCDP), Project Wings IV

Brazil went beyond my expectations. It was actually the top country on my countries-to-visit list, I’ve always wanted to experience the dense and flavorful culture of Latin America and I had to go to Brazil for that.
DSC_0774My internship took place in São Carlos, which is located in the city of São Paulo. Now, it’s quite different from São Paulo, it is not the typical city life that the state has to offer. São Carlos is a student’s resort. It consists of two of the major universities in Brazil, and they are currently ranked as the best public universities in South America. Bottom line is, lot’s of students, lot’s of parties, which mean a LOT of new friends.

I chose to participate in a Global Community Development Project. Since this was my very first AIESEC internship, I went for something short, simple and not too challenging. Our project was called ‘Project Wings’, and what we did was go to public school and display our presentations about our culture/country, leadership & labour market. The grades and classrooms that we worked in varied in ages. However they all had one thing in common, which was their engagement to our presentations. They were so receptive and very much interested in what we had to say. Oh, and extremely friendly. They would always ask for a picture with us and for our Facebook profiles.

DSC_0700 (2)Talking about Oman to these Brazilian students definitely gave them a mini-culture shock! They were fascinated at how both of our cultures contrasted in merely everything. I was the first, and only Omani Exchange Participant in São Carlos, therefore they were very inquisitive mainly about the religion of Islam, women rights and the principle of marriage and its process and I was open to answer all of them with honesty.

This experience has definitely boosted up my public speaking skills; as the weeks passed, the fear of presenting in front of 40-50 students a day faded away, and ultimately public speaking felt so natural and smooth. This experience also grew a whole lot of confidence in me, I became more social and making new friends was my latest favourite thing to do in São Carlos.

I had the time of my life in Brazil, it will always stand out as the experience of a life-time for me. Amazing people…phenomenal country.

Mohammed Al-Attar – China

Name: Mohammed Al-Attar

Host Country: China

Internship type: Global Community Development Programme (GCDP)

My trip to china was a dream turned into reality, unforgettable summer of great memories!

The moment I arrived there was an AIESEC buddy to take me from the airport her name was Neko and she was a great company during the whole internship, she helped me to carry my stuff and then she toke me to the apartment that I’ll live in, for me it was satisfying it felt like home easily. The project I applied to was “Green summer camp”, it was about teaching kids English, and make some green activities like designing posters, making post cards and fashion show out of recyclable materials (it was so much fun) I was working for 3 hours each day nonstop but I never felt bored!

I met people from different countries and I became friends with them! That’s why I love AIESEC, now I have friends from all over the world. It turned out that my Russian accent is perfect and BAM I started to learn Russian when I came back, it’s so much fun!

This internship made me more responsible, more independent and most importantly, it has improved my leadership skills! Leading Chinese kids wasn’t easy, but I have to admit that they are very smart and the little girls were so cute and talented, I really miss them!

I still keep in touch with all of my Chinese and non-Chinese friends, and I will go back to China again because I have made friends for life!

(I really do miss them)

And this won’t be the last time I go aboard through AIESEC! I’ll do it again because it is the best way to spend your holiday.

Sumaya Al-Weheibi – North Cyprus

Name: Sumaya Al-Weheibi

Host Country: North Cyprus

Internship type: Global Community Development Programme (GCDP)


As a girl coming from the simple Omani culture, I have never dreamed

about traveling alone and gaining a completely new different experience.

North Cyprus for me has been an enthralling experience. I’ve had the opportunity to explore the rich Turkish culture and see some of the oldest castles in the world, St. Hilarion Kalesi and Kyrena.

Did you know that some of the Walt Disney productions were inspired by some of these castles? Yes, neither did I. This was mind blowing for me.

ImageMy love for travel has opened my mind to many experiences, for someone majoring in Computer Science I never thought I’d find history compelling but am glad to say, that has changed because of this particular experience, the remarkable “Old City”, castles, modern villas, beautiful sands and beaches, the list goes on and on. There’s so much to see and experience in North Cyprus, never did I think I’d stay awake just to go see the “Sun” rise over the Sea.

I worked as an Intern in the “International relations offices” of Eastern Mediterranean University-EMU. The continuous research and survey studies we do on how to build strong & suitable partnerships with different universities in the world is not only exciting but an intense learning experience.

How does one position a “University” that’s already global and ranked among the top 100 universities in world? This is the challenge and this is where we are learning and am glad to have been a part of this.

We also had a number of seminars on diverse topics given by the university professors. Am really surprised at how much I’ve learnt in only 6 weeks, the professors are wonderful and the facilities are great but above all this, the country is very safe and the people warm and welcoming. I became independent and more grateful to ALLAH graces. I’d recommend anyone that’s looking for a university abroad to consider EMU, you can’t go wrong. I met people from 30 different countries. Worked and interacted with them in the workshops. EMU contains very good faculties for studying different majors with international courses.  In abstract, it is an amazing experience. I would love to thank the amazing people who were supporting my unbelievable experience. Thanks a lot to Onur, Serhat, Togrul, Shahin and Eastern Mediterranean AIESEC. Image

Azza Al-Sharjia – Lebanon

Name: Azza Al-Sharjia

Host Country: Lebanon, ArabNet

Internship type: Global Internship Programme (GIP)


I saw the internship ad on twitter, and thought to myself why not? I’m glad that I have applied for the AIESEC Lebanon internship because it turned out to be one of the best experiences in my life.

I got accepted for the two months internship at ArabNet (the hub for arab digital professionals and entrepreneurs to connect and learn)  in Lebanon, we organized one of the biggest digital conferences in MENA (Middle-east and North-Africa) region, where I worked closely with the marketing and media departments in trying to expand the reach to audience for the conference.

I worked with an amazing team, and as ArabNet was a family business, they made us all feel like home where with time I felt that we were one family especially that our work required us to work for long hours sometimes. ArabNet had other interns who were from Bahrain, Morocco, Jordan and Syria and we had a countdown board which, with time, got us feeling the pressure was rising, but we were all glad at the end that our hard work paid off.


I have enjoyed Lebanon; meet different people, multinational people, and took capoeira classes as well (Capoeira Sobreviventes). Also, AIESEC Lebanon were great they were always there when we needed them and they have welcomed us very well. I’m glad that I have done my internship in Lebanon, great country with great people and if I had the opportunity to go for another internship I would definitely go!